Advent Offering: Food, Water & Housing

These are the same things Mary and Joseph needed the night Jesus was born. 

This Advent season we have the chance to provide food to the hungry, fresh, clean water in place of disease-ridden water and furnishings for homeless seniors.

Christ Feeds Goal: $70,000

Our goal is to pre-fund a 2016 Christ Feeds packaging event. The need for emergency food relief around the world is great, and this event offers up to 1,000 volunteers the chance to take part in meeting this need. 

  • $65 pays for a case of food
  • $105 feeds a child for a year
  • $525 feeds five children for a year
  • $2,100 pays for a half pallet of food
  • $4,200 pays for a whole pallet of food

Water is Life Goal: $49,000

More than 30 churches have been planted following CUMC’s first Water is Life effort that provided fresh, clean water in 33 villages in Eastern Province Zambia. We now have the same opportunity to provide clean water to seven more villages. Do you want to adopt one?

On the Christ Church Blog: Help provide clean water for thousands more in Zambia

Villages to adopt:

  • Chinyaku - FUNDED
  • Tilimbike
  • Lemelani
  • Mphawa
  • Kavala
  • Chimangu
  • Mnopo
  • Nkhanda
  • Mtitimila
  • Ndolola

Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation Goal: $35,000 

Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation provides housing to homeless seniors in our community, but they have no furnishings to bring with them. Our goal is to provide seven home furnishing kits to seven homeless seniors. 

On the Christ Church Blog: What having "nothing" looks like for some seniors

  • $5,000 provides a full set of furnishings for one homeless senior
  • $2,500 provides a half set of furnishings for one homeless senior
  • $ ____ any amount you give will help homeless seniors with furnishings

Just as the innkeeper provided a place for Mary and Joseph, this Advent season it is our turn to meet the needs of those around us, across the street and around the world. 

Contributions are welcome between now and year-end and can be mailed to the church. Proceeds from our annual Christmas Eve offerings will benefit 2ndMILE: Advent. Make checks payable to CUMC & note in memo line: 2ndMILE: Advent.

Accepting donations November 22-December 31

For more information, contact Nathan Brasfield, 261-4386