2nd Mile

what are second-mile gifts?

What’s the difference between our first-mile gifts and our second-mile gifts?
Our “first-mile gifts” are our weekly tithes and offerings that we commit to during our annual stewardship time. This year, we will also select several innovative ministries to support through our “2nd mile offerings.”

What’s the history behind going the second mile?
Senior Pastor Shane Stanford says the idea comes from a concept from World War II. Those who had to leave London would go to cities and other areas not being bombed by the Germans. The government asked them: If there's something that you grow or that you're able to buy that those who had to stay during the bombings could not buy or grow, then grow two, buy two—and send one back to London. That’s going the second mile. 

What’s the 2nd mile splurge challenge?
The challenge is to set aside an equal portion of whatever your splurge may be to give that amount to our 2nd mile offerings. Shane shared that his splurge is books. He loves to read and spends up to $25/week on books. For this challenge, when he buys a book, he will set aside that same amount to give to our 2nd mile offering. As we splurge on the kingdom of God, it will reap incredible benefits.

How do I give to this 2nd mile offering?
To give online, simply text CCMEM to 77977 and select “Christ Church Global” in the drop-down menu. To give during worship services, just make a note in the memo section of your check for “2nd mile.”


Founders Circle Awards Dinner

Thursday, May 2 | 6 p.m. | Seabrook Hall
Join us at the fifth annual Founders Circle Awards Banquet honoring those who teach, lead and serve at Christ Church as well as outreach efforts of Christ Church Global.