Crosstown Bible Study

Crosstown Bible Study with Tom Fuerst

Tuesdays, Aug. 29-Nov. 7 (except Oct. 10 & 17)
6:30-7:30 a.m.

Tech901 offices in the Crosstown Concourse (1350 Concourse Avenue, Memphis, 38104)

Crosstown Concourse
Tom Fuerst, one of our teaching pastors here at Christ Church, will lead the second session of this Bible study in Tech901’s classroom space in the new Crosstown Concourse in Midtown Memphis. There is no cost to participate, but space is limited.

The fall session begins August 29 and will be held every Tuesday through November 7, beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending promptly at 7:30 a.m. so attendees can arrive at work on time.

Course Description

It has been said that if you give someone a fish, you will feed them for a day, but if you teach a person to fish, you will feed them for a lifetime. The Read the Bible for Yourself course operates on a similar assumption: the objective lies in the tools to be able to mine the Bible on your own.

In this course you will gain a greater understanding of:

  • How to read individual passages within their larger contexts
  • How to make good observations about biblical passages
  • How to ask good questions about a passage
  • How to answer those good questions
  • How to apply our interpretations to our lives

Questions? Contact Mary Elizabeth Pittman, (901) 261-2106.