Faith and Work


faith & work book study

Have you ever wondered how your faith and work connected? How God is working through your understanding of economics? Join us for a six week book study through Practicing the King’s Economy as we explore this idea!



DATES | Every Tuesday, October 16-November 20
TIMES | Morning- 7:00 AM, Evening- 6:00 PM
LOCATION | Christ Church

All are invited to join us for a six week book study that will discuss the themes found in Practicing the King’s Economy. Discussions will happen on Tuesday mornings and evenings from Fall Break to Thanksgiving Break, October 16-November 20. The Tuesday morning group will meet at 7:00, and the Tuesday evening group will meet at 6:00. All meetings will occur at Christ Church.


The church in the West is rediscovering the fact that God cares deeply for the poor. More and more, churches and individual Christians are looking for ways to practice economic discipleship, but it's hard to make progress when we are blind to our own entanglement in our culture's idolatrous economic beliefs and practices. 

Practicing the King's Economy cuts through much confusion and invites Christians to take their place within the biblical story of the "King Jesus Economy." Through eye-opening true stories of economic discipleship in action, and with a solid exploration of six key biblical themes, the authors offer practical ways for God's people to earn, invest, spend, compensate, save, share, and give in ways that embody God's love and provision for the world.


Do you have further questions about the intersection of your faith and work? Explore these more by contacting Grant Caldwell, Director of Local Missions at the phone number below, or emailing him at