Founders Circle

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The mission of CCGlobal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and equip the body of Christ for service through the vehicles of leadership, media and technology. 

"For me, at its core, CCGlobal is God's gift to us to leverage 21st century tools to 'expand the ministry of Christ Church across the street and around the world,'" said Michael Drake, who serves as chair of the CCGlobal Advisory Council.

These tools comprise CCGlobal's four areas of focus:

  • Leadership Development
  • Media Outreach
  • Learning Resources &
  • Online Campus - our next generation innovative worship

The Founders Circle was established to:

  • Pray for the work, mission & life of Christ Church
  • Serve as a promoting, recruiting & connection base for bringing Asbury-Memphis & Christ Academy together
  • Provide support for the programs & their extended needs such as hospitality, resources, etc.
  • Provide resources for Asbury-Memphis & Christ Academy through scholarships & fellowships
  • Recognize outstanding examples of leadership, teaching & service at Christ Church

Awards presented in 2018 | >>Watch Awards Banquet

  • Dunnam Award for Excellence & Impact in Christian Writing: Dr. James V. Heidinger II for The Rise of Theological Liberalism and the Decline of American Methodism 
  • The We Believe in Memphis Award for Program of the Year: Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings
  • The Christ Academy Award for Teaching: Adam Webster/Teaching in 2017 & Phil Mischke/Teaching-Legacy
  • The Christ Academy Award for Leadership: Elizabeth Duncan/Leadership in 2017, Russ Phillips/Leadership in 2017 & Boyd Rhodes/Leadership-Legacy
  • Award for Faithful Service: Julie Vukadinovich
  • The Buckman/Mollerup Award for Innovation in Christian Ministry & Serving: Mark Ottinger

Awards presented in 2017 | >> Read blog post

  • Buckman/Mollerup Award for Innovation in Christian Ministry:  Dr. Ken Steorts of Visible Music College
  • Dunnam Award for Writing in the Wesleyan World: Jim & Jennifer Cowart for Living the Five and Grab, Gather, Grow
  • Christ Academy Award for Leadership-Legacy: Tom Dyer
  • We Believe in Memphis Programs of the Year: Ashley Parks for Special Needs Ministry/ Memphis JOY Prom and W.J. Michael Cody for the episode featuring his work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Christ Academy awards:

  • Serving Initiative: Linda Headley
  • Serving Initiative | Entrepreneurship in Servant Leadership: Erin Harris for Carpenter Art Garden
  • Award for Teaching-Legacy: Dr. Dick Ross (posthumous) & Don Bourland
  • Award for Leadership-Legacy: Bill Thompson
  • Award for Leadership 2016: Michael Drake & Kirk Bailey
  • Award for Teaching 2016: Jim Duncan & Kathryn Naifeh

Awards presented in 2016 | >>Read blog post

  • 2nd annual Dunnam Writing Award: Dr. Bill Guerrant for his book Organic Wesley
  • 2nd annual Buckman/Mollerup Award for Innovation: John Carroll for Choose 901 for their use of technology to encourage the spirit of Memphis
  • We Believe in Memphis Episode of the Year: Mat Lipscomb (watch here)
  • Circle of Serving: Tom Marino for Service Over Self (SOS), Robert Montague for Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC), Drew Sippel for Cornerstone Prep & David Montague for Memphis Teacher Residency
  • Award for Teaching-Legacy: Jim Eoff
  • Award for Leadership-Legacy: Jack Morris & Jack Moore
  • Award for Leadership 2015: Susan Golden
  • Award for Teaching 2015: Kyle Rote Jr. & Stueart & Pam Hudsmith

Awards presented in 2015 | >>REad blog post

  • Award for  Excellence & Impact in Christian Writing: Dr. Maxie Dunnam (future award will be named Maxie Dunnam Award for Excellence & Impact in Christian Writing)
  • Award for Innovation for Christian Ministry & Serving: Bob Buckman & Joyce Mollerup (future award will be named the Buckman-Mollerup Award for Innovation in Christian Ministry & Serving)
  • Award for We Believe in Memphis Episode of the Year: Dennis Jones Living Well Network (watch here)