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Each year, Christ Church celebrates Christmas and Advent with our friends over at the Binghampton Development Corporation with their Greatest Gift Christmas Store. By donating toys to the ministry, your gift will also be giving jobs to residents in the neighborhood, and dignity to parents by giving a hand up with their ability to purchase Christmas gifts for their children

THREE Gifts in ONE

By giving a toy to the Greatest Gift Christmas store, you will be providing three gifts in one! First is the incredible toys that kids in the neighborhood will receive. All toys given to the BDC are brand new, and priced on a scale that ranges from one dollar to five dollars. A full list of an Amazon wishlist is available at the bottom of this post, or you may purchase your own!  Second is the gift of pride for parents. As John Perkins from Focused Community Strategies stated, “It is a universal truth that everyone loves to find a bargain. Everyone loves to show how much they saved by finding good deals. Why would we think it is a blessing to the poor to deprive them of this joy by giving charitable gifts that deplete their dignity?” By giving a toy to the BDC, you will be giving the gift of letting parents pick out their toys for their kids, working to pay for them, and having the pride of watching their children open them on Christmas morning. The third is the gift of jobs for residents in the neighborhood. The store is ran entirely by residents from Binghampton. Families that are eligible to shop at the store, which are selected through partnership with neighborhood schools and ministries in the neighborhood, including Service Over Self, Eikon, and the Carpenter Art Garden, will be assisted completely by their fellow neighbors. Staff this year will also be assisting in the gift wrapping of the toys.


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We encourage you to go shopping as a family or office and purchase these items, and then bring them to the Seabrook Lobby anytime until Sunday, December 10th!

Unable to make it to the store?  Click this button and ship all toys to:
Service Over Self
2505 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112




Unsure where to begin? Contact Grant Caldwell in the Serving and Outreach department for your first step!