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As a college student, one of the most valuable ways to spend a summer is serving! Serving on a summer staff will stretch you and grow you while changing your life. You will make new relationships with other college students from around the country that you serve with, and impact the lives of other eternally. Here are few camps in Memphis that you can apply to serve at:

Service over self

Every summer, SOS looks for approximately 60 college-age men and women with a desire to follow Jesus Christ with their lives and proclaim the gospel in word and deed through urban home repair.

This summer, nearly 1,600 high school and junior high students and adult leaders will come to SOS to serve inner-city Memphis for a one-week summer camp. With the help of these volunteers, SOS will partner with over 30 homeowners to provide critical home repair in the neighborhoods of Binghampton, the Heights and Orange Mound. In order to fulfill this calling, SOS needs a team of dedicated summer staff who are eager to commit themselves to growing as a disciple of Jesus and also to serve others over themselves. Will you join us and invest this summer? APPLY NOW


A PT summer holds experiences that you will never forget: dancing with kids, laughing with teammates, realizing a passion, exploring a city, witnessing the profound love of God. Serving at one of our sites in Memphis, interns will lead a summer day camp for children or youth, live in intentional Christian community with other young adult interns, learn from Christ-centered church and community leaders, explore faith in action, and represent Project Transformation in the community. APPLY NOW


MTR Camp was founded in 2013 to address systemic summer academic losses affecting students in MTR partner neighborhoods. Summer learning regression disproportionately affects students who live in low-income communities while middle­-class peers make slight gains. When multiplied over many years, more than half of the achievement gap between students of different socioeconomic statuses is explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities, impacting high school graduation and college readiness rates. The program is designed to provide academic enrichment within a summer camp experience for students who attend an MTR partner school, while exposing interns to urban education in Memphis and the residency program. Additionally, interns live in intentional community, explore Memphis and receive training in effective instructional techniques. MTR Camp aims to (1) reduce summer learning regression, (2) promote a love for learning, and (3) expose college students to urban education. APPLY NOW




Unsure where to begin? Contact Grant Caldwell in the Serving and Outreach department for your first step!