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Las americas

Las Americas exists to serve and develop functional and successful Latino youth and children of all ages and to help them make a smooth transition into the American school system and lifestyle, here in Memphis and its surrounding areas; by empowering them through outreach, missions, recreational, and educational programs all with the purpose of sharing the love of God. | Ways to Serve | Get Going |

Refugee Empowerment program

Working with those that have been settled through World Relief, REP exists to empower the refugee community by encouraging, educating, and equipping individuals and families through school programs, summer programs, adult education program, character education classes for adolescents, college preparation classes, Pre-GED classes for adults, a women's leadership program, and Bible studies for youth and adults. | Ways to Serve | Get Going |

world relief memphis

World Relief's mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable to see their economic, social, and spiritual transformation. As the only evangelical refugee resettlement agency, the group helps to bring families to Memphis, and ensures that they are making steps towards sustainability. | Ways to Serve | Get Going |

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