May 2017
Executive Director of Operations/CFO | Christ Church Memphis
Church size: membership 5,000+

Email resume and references to Rev. Scott Lees, Executive Pastor and Chief of Staff

Church profile

The mission of Christ Church Memphis is to glorify God as we make, mature and mobilize disciples by loving Jesus and loving like Jesus in the world. We are guided by our Five Values: Worship (Glorifying God in all things), Care (Doing life together), Share (Practicing generosity), Grow (Making disciples who make disciples), Serve (Being the hands and feet of Jesus).

Christ Church is a leading voice in the orthodox movement within the United Methodist Church. Founded 60 years ago, the church has always had a heart for the city and missions. It's a central part of the church's DNA and what others in the city and denomination reference when people ask about the church.

Christ Church is currently led by Senior Pastor Shane Stanford, who has served for five years. Shane's unique story, contracting HIV through a blood transfusion as a teenager, has shaped his life and this congregation. With more than 700,000 people in the area disconnected to Jesus and a local church, the mission field is vast, and Christ Church believes that by developing families on mission, we will participate with God in reaching these individuals. 

Recently we were highlighted as one of the top 25 fastest-growing Methodist churches in the country.

leadership qualities

See Christ Church Leadership Qualities, which outlines the expected qualities for those in leadership at Christ Church.

Job Responsibilities

Key Areas of Oversight:

  • strategy
  • management
  • accounting & finance
  • stewardship
  • risk management
  • human resources

Participates on: Executive Team, Church Council, Staff Parish Committee, Trustee Committee and Finance Committee

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Job Duties


  1. Participate on Executive Staff assessing and discerning how best to carry out the mission of the church.
  2. Advise Senior Minister, Executive Pastor, Finance Committee, Board of Trustees and Church Council Board on all operational, financial and strategic issues, trends and changes in the operational model as they arise.
  3. Participate in the ongoing strategy planning process as a partner with other Executive Team members, providing recommendations based on financial and operational analysis and projections, cost identification, revenue/expense analysis, risk assessments and human resource requirements and changes affecting the church.
  4. Oversee long-term budgetary planning and cost management in alignment with the church's strategic plan.
  5. Coordinate and complete yearly Charge Conference reports.


  1. Develop, supervise and manage direct staff, including managers in accounting, facilities and food service.
  2. Engage other members of the staff to facilitate collaboration that ensures that all financial, HR and support services positively support the church's strategy and operations.
  3. Manage church contracts, including drafting, evaluation, negotiation and execution. As needed, provide guidance on contract matters to staff.

Accounting & Finance:

  1. Oversee budgeting and implementation of budgets. Develop financial plans and forecasts.
  2. Ensure finance staff maintains financial record systems in accordance with GAAP. Oversee accounts payable, contribution management, payroll, general ledger integrity and month-end/year-end closing.
  3. Establish bank relationships and manage bank account administration. Oversee all cash management activities including cash movement, letters of credit, long-term debt and reconciliation of bank accounts. Ensure restricted cash is accounted for and disbursed properly.
  4. Ensure timely, accurate and useful financial reporting and analysis. Make recommendations based on data analysis. Includes preparing and reporting monthly financials to staff and lay leadership.
  5. Oversee the professional investment management services for and performance of the invested funds entrusted to the church's care.
  6. Develop, implement and assess accounting controls to ensure sound financial procedures through the church. Develop, implement and assess all finance policies, procedures and processes, recommending improvements to the systems when needed.
  7. Coordinate all audit activities. Ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.
  8. Provide oversight of the membership database/contribution system, Fellowship One.
  9. Provide analysis and ensure apportionment payment to the District Office annually.


  1. Assist the Senior Minister in the overall design and implementation of a program to build generous stewards through education on the biblical principles of stewardship.
  2. Develop a comprehensive program to facilitate the annual stewardship campaign.
  3. Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of stewardship and awareness efforts on a quarterly and annual basis.
  4. Build relationships with new givers.
  5. Develop and maintain intentional ways to communicate appreciation to those who faithfully give.
  6. Educate the congregation on what it means to live generously. 

Risk Management:

  1. Manage all insurance and safety issues that may expose the church to litigation or insurance claims, including identifying, evaluating, controlling and minimizing the church exposure to loss or damage to physical assets, fidelity losses and losses arising out of liability claims. Obtain certificates of insurance to protect church assets.
  2. Review and evaluate all insurance policies. Work with insurance agents, legal counsel and underwriters to determine appropriate levels of insurance coverage. Prepare insurance bid specifications for the purpose of obtaining proper coverage and premiums.
  3. Manage all auto, property, liability and worker's compensation claims, including communication with attorneys, claims reviews, investigations and negotiations of settlements.
  4. Develop, implement and assess Protect Our Kids training for employees and volunteers to prevent, identify and respond to abuse of minors. Perform regular compliance audits.
  5. Serve as a liaison, along with the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor, with legal counsel on all matters that involve the church.
  6. Develop church disaster and crisis management plan and coordinate disaster preparedness.

Human Resources:

  1. Conduct periodic wage, salary and benefit surveys to maintain an equitable compensation program as requested by the Senior Pastor or Executive Pastor.
  2. Monitor and administer employee benefit plans, including evaluation and oversight of all benefit negotiations to establish competitive packages for church employees. Hold enrollment meetings, communicate regularly with church employees regarding benefits and regularly consult with chosen benefits consultants relative to group plan administration.
  3. Assist staff with human resource needs, including policy compliance, progressive discipline separation, termination and legal and policy compliance issues regarding hiring, leaves, discipline, immigration, background checks, drug screens, etc.
  4. Develop, implement and assess personnel policies that are equitable and just and comply with laws and church objectives.
  5. Provide assistance to the Executive Pastor in identifying staff training needs and assist staff in developing the skills they need to carry out their jobs effectively.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Attend required committee meetings.
  2. Ensure the administrative teams work well with and support the ministry teams.
  3. Coordinate parking lot hospitality through the courtesy cart program and facilitate non-ministry-specific events.
  4. Foster a good spirit of cooperation to ensure unity and strength

Staff Support

Direct Reports:

  • Financial Associates (Accounting & HR) | two full-time
  • Administrative Assistant | one part-time
  • Facilities | one full-time manager
  • Food Services | one full-time
  • Front Desk | one full-time
  • Security Coordinator | one full-time

Additional Staff

  • one full-time Administrative Support
  • one full-time HVAC/Electrical Engineer
  • one full-time Security
  • two Handymen
  • one full-time Housekeeping
  • eight full-time Facilities

Food Services:

  • two part-time


  • Educational and work experience appropriate to the job requirements
  • Up-to-date knowledge of current financial and accounting computer applications
  • Excellent verbal, analytical, organizational and written skills
  • Oversight of large complex financial systems with minimal budget of 5-8 million
  • Management experience appropriate to job requirements
  • Strong administrative giftedness
  • CPA preferred
  • Ministry experience preferred
  • Highly relational with an aptitude for team building
  • Commitment to join and attend Christ Church Memphis
  • Fosters a "can do" attitude that combines initiative, a sense of urgency and a commitment to results

Christ Church Leadership Qualities

As a leader at Christ Church Memphis, he/she should publicly profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be familiar with and subscribe to the beliefs of Christ Church as set forth on the church's website and be an advocate for the mission and values as adopted by Christ Church.

As a Gospel-focused body, Christ Church should be led by persons who not only have a clear understanding of the core Christian message contained in the scriptures, exemplified in the apostle Paul's words found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, but also live out that message in their words and deeds. As the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, we believe that scripture provides the foundational characteristics of those to be considered for positions of leadership at Christ Church, both clergy and laity. Some of these bedrock passages are as follows: 

Psalm 15; 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1-2 and Micah 6:8

Those in leadership at Christ Church are to have the following attributes:

  1. Integrity ("must be above reproach" --1 Timothy 3:2)
    A leader needs to exemplify the highest personal qualities in all aspects of his/her life, including family, vocation and other callings.
  2. Knowledge of Scripture ("sound in faith" --Titus 2:2)
    Effective Christian leadership is grounded in the precepts and principles espoused by Jesus Christ in the Bible and as reflected by the biblical writers; persons in leadership are to have more than a mature knowledge of scripture.
  3. Honesty ("speak truth in your heart" --Psalm 15:2)
    Leaders must convey honesty and genuineness to those under their charge; this undergirds all communication in that relationship. 
  4. Sound Judgment ("do justice" --Micah 6:8)
    It is essential that a leader exercise discerning and wise judgment, particularly in challenging circumstances, but also convey such judgment in a spirit of "kindness" (Micah 6:8).
  5. Servant Leadership ("works righteousness" --Psalm 15:2)
    One in charge leads by example to accomplish the objective of the group through a style by which he/she "walks humbly before your God" (Micah 6:8).

Additional Qualities:

  • inspiring influence
  • enthusiastic in affirmation
  • humble
  • respectful
  • person of conviction
  • prayerful - discerning
  • affection for people
  • visionary