Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we acknowledge God’s gift of salvation, given to us without price, as well has our initiation into Christ’s Holy Church. In the UMC, the sacrament of baptism is open to persons of all age, including infants. Parents and family members speak on the child’s behalf and at the same time confirm their faith in Christ as well. A special part of this service is the covenant made by the congregation to love and support the child as he or she grows in Christian faith. Parents attend Baptism Training prior to their child’s baptism where they meet with ministers to review the meaning and importance of this time. For more information about having your child baptized, contact Children’s Ministry, (901) 261-2104



Our 2018 Christmas musical practice is on Sunday afternoons between 12:45 pm and 3:00 p.m. Rehearsals are always in Seabrook Hall unless otherwise noted. Practice begins before auditions are completed (a little different than traditional plays). Auditions will take place for the spoken roles, a handful of dance features, and 4-5 soloists. Those will begin in October within rehearsal times and are not formal.

Performance Dates:
Saturday, December 8th at 5:00pm Service in Seabrook Hall
Saturday, December 9th at 9:45am Service in Seabrook Hall


School of the Rock


Children in JK-5th grade are invited to this free-to-the-public arts camp where they will use art, drama, technology, creative athletics & music to tell their story and their part in God's BIG story.  


Family Matters

Family Matters is a new series of family learning opportunities for children in K-5th grade and their parents to attend together because family truly matters when it comes to the faith of children. By learning and exploring together, our hope is that children will experience faith as something they are a part of and something valued by their parents. Topics may include seasons of the church year, current events, hands-on projects and spiritual practices to add to their family life.

Created by God (Preparing for Adolescence)

We can tell ourselves that our children aren’t ready at 5th grade to acquire a full understanding of the changes that have already begun to take place in their bodies, minds, emotions and relationships. We can attempt to shield our children from the impact of their friends’ limited (and often incorrect) information regarding sexuality and from misleading and abusive attitudes toward sexuality that come from our culture. We can allow our own insecurities, lack of information, or guilt to send us into hiding in order to avoid the subject of sex. In the process, we waste a lot of time and energy that could be much more productively invested in a program of sexuality education where the energies of the church and family are united to communicate to our preteens that they both were and are being created by God who calls them into intimate relationships with Him and others.


With two different Sunday school hours, sometimes our children do not get to spend time with other students in their age group.  Our 5th graders move to Student Ministry next year, and we want to continue to focus their energy and lives toward Christ. One way we do this is by providing outside opportunities to fellowship with one another in a social environment. Exciting events like talent shows, Christmas caroling and Game Night are just a few of the gatherings we've done. The best part for parents is the opportunity to fellowship with other parents and possibly meet some new friends as well. We would like for our 5th graders to meet together monthly. Parents sponsor the event/location, and we communicate and support you by providing resources to make these events as successful as possible. 

Vacation Bible School

VBS is always one of the highlights of the year for kids! Each summer, children PreK 4 (4 years old)-6th grade focus on a different theme as they learn how much God loves them.

GRIP Retreat

This annual retreat for 3rd-5th graders includes adventure course, awesome meals, campfire & lots of fun surprises!


All youth sports programs are Christ-centered with a strong emphasis on honoring and glorifying God. Our coaches teach Christian values through sports, motivation, discipline, purpose, self-control, honesty and teamwork. Sports include: T-ball, baseball, softball, soccer, football, cross country, volleyball, cheer & basketball. Learn more.