Sunday School

Sunday school check-in

Children 3 months old-PreK5 check-in in the Nursery/PreK area below Seabrook Hall. K-5th grade classes and check-in are all on Wilson/Ross 3rd floor.

Sunday Mornings in CHILDREN'S MINISTRY

We are glad you are here. Our goal is to explore God’s Word with your kids in ways that are fun, meaningful and age-appropriate. When they leave church each Sunday, they will have heard a part of God’s Word, learned a Bible verse and been challenged to apply what they learned to their life in some way. We are working to learn more about how to navigate the Bible and encourage kids to use it each day.

We do small group for about 15 minutes as kids arrive at 9:45 or 11 a.m. You will drop-off and pick-up your child in his or her small group room. This room is an age/grade group room. (Sometimes parents want their younger child to stay with their older child for comfort! We get it and are happy for the older child to go into the younger child’s class until the younger child feels safe and comfortable.)

After small group, all our groups go to the large group teaching area. The Bible story of the day is taught, there is age-appropriate worship and kids share prayer concerns. After large group, which lasts from 20-30 minutes, all groups return to their small group room for follow-up activities designed to get kids in the Bible and applying what they’ve learned!  

How to Check-In Your Kids

We have two check-in stations: nursery (1st floor below Seabrook Hall) & Wilson/Ross 3rd floor. Kids of all ages can be checked in at either station. 

  1. Simply select the first letter of your last name (child’s last name) and scroll down to find your child’s name.

  2. Click on your child’s name.

  3. Make sure you have selected a “classroom” for your child. Children in Nursery and PreK select rooms by age. Kindergarten-5th grade select rooms by current grade. We promote in August so kids will check-in during the summer to the grade they just completed. Note: You can check-in all your children at the same station no matter what room they are in.  

  4. Once you have each child selected in a “classroom,” he or she will always check-in to the same classroom.

  5. Next to check-in individual children, click the “Blue Circle” next to each child’s name. If you have multiple children and they are all checking-in today, CLICK the “Check-In All” button at the bottom of the page (not the “Done” button).

  6. When your nametags have printed, click “Done.”