It doesn't matter if you've been married 40 years or four days. 
Or if your marriage is on cloud nine or on the rocks.
Every couple needs a Night Out.

What husbands are saying about MP Night Out?
"MarriedPeople Night Out was light-hearted & entertaining, but also encouraging with something you could take away to make your marriage better. We all know marriage is hard work, but this night was fun & helpful without the 'heaviness' of a marriage retreat."

What wives are saying about MP Night Out?
"(We) had an awesome experience at the first MarriedPeople Night Out (MPNO)! Given the size of our church, oftentimes it's a daunting task encountering couples at similar stages on the marriage journey as we are. We met and made new friendships with several awesome couples at MPNO & look forward to building upon these new relationships for our mutual benefit -- & in the process to hopefully glorify God."

Why should I come again?
Your marriage is a work-in-progress & requires continual attention so that it doesn't become flat or stale, or worse. You never arrive, so to speak. So come back for the MarriedPeople Night Out to get another practical step to take your marriage one step closer to awesome!

Listen to audio from our special MarriedPeople Night Out with Michael Smalley:


Watch the video below for highlights from the first MarriedPeople Night Out:


Marriage Mentors

How's your marriage? Rough? So-so? Good? Regardless of where you find your marriage, a Marriage Mentor Couple can walk alongside you on your marriage journey & provide guidance or just be an encouragement. Contact Mike Fitzpatrick.