Marriage & Family

Marriages and families are important to us at Christ Church. That’s why we have many options available to help take your marriage – and family – one step closer to awesome!

MarriedPeople Night Out
Your Best Night Out: Laugh. Love. Chill.
Friday, Feb. 15 | $30/couple
doors open @ 6:30 PM | Program begins @ 7 pm

Every couple needs a night out. Your Best Night Out: Laugh. Love. Chill. is coming to Christ Church on Friday, Feb. 15. Your Best Night Out features marriage experts Ted and Nancie Lowe. You will experience a night of comedy and laughter with one powerful go and do that couples can actually go and do.

Join us for great food, lots of fun with some other married couples and take away something super practical for our marriages. Remember, whether you’ve been married for four days or 40 years, you need a Night Out! 

In lieu of having on-site childcare, we are offering childcare reimbursements up to a set amount. This way your child can still be at home and get to bed at their normal bedtime, and we’ll still help you pay for it!


Here’s a little taste of what you can expect at Your Best Night Out:

Listen to audio from our special MarriedPeople Night Out with Michael Smalley:

Watch the video below for highlights from the first MarriedPeople Night Out:


Parent2Parent Forum
Sunday, Feb. 3 | Noon

Parenting is a lifelong learning process. We never “arrive.” Part of that process is learning from others who have gone before us. Each forum will feature a panel of a few couples who have gone through a specific area of parenting. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel about that day’s topic. Think of it as the Church being the Church and helping each other get through life while learning along the way.

February 3: Getting Ready for Graduation
Join us as we discuss life for an upcoming graduate and how you can lead them.


Premarital Counseling

A strong marriage is built on a strong foundation. We provide couples with in-depth information and helpful tools to build that foundation using the Prepare/Enrich assessment, an assessment that has been in use for 40+ years and has been utilized by more than four million couples. If you are getting married, contact Mike Fitzpatrick to set up a time to get started on your premarital journey.

Marriage Mentors

How is your marriage? Good? Rough? Somewhere in between? Regardless of where you find your marriage, a Marriage Mentor couple can be a huge benefit to your relationship. They can walk alongside you on your marriage journey and provide guidance for what you are going through or simply be an encouragement. Just like a tour guide will help you on your vacation, a Marriage Mentor couple will help you in your relationship. If you would like to request a Marriage Mentor couple for your marriage, email Fitz to let him know.