Memphis Joy Prom


Join us for a night of dancing, laughter and more at the Joy Prom, a full-scale prom for individuals with special needs, ages 16+. Parents and caregivers are invited to an accompanying reception too!

Memphis Joy Prom is sponsored by Christ Church Memphis, Second Presbyterian Church, Grace Evangelical Church, Hope Pres, Germantown Presbyterian Church, New Generation Ministries,
Young Life Capernaum and Camp Conquest.

It takes more than $35,000, seven area churches and 1,000 volunteers to give 250 special needs participants an evening to remember.

Want to support Memphis Joy Prom financially? To give online, simply text CCMEM to 77977 and select “Memphis Joy Prom” in the drop-down menu or click on the link below.


Watch this video for a taste of Memphis Joy Prom:

Our story

Memphis Joy Prom was first held in 2013. The event was born out of Joy Life 901, which offers resources and assistance to families who have children/adults with special needs. Our mission: to share God's love and His message by hosting an EXTRAORDINARY evening for our special friends.

Memphis Joy Prom gets better each year with the number of participants growing to 250 this year and more than 1,000 volunteers. 

Memphis Joy Prom is unique in that we start at age 16 and have no age cap. For example, our friend Ronnie, had his first prom experience at the age of 63 and thoroughly enjoyed wearing a tuxedo for the first time!

Participants get the whole package:

  • Walking the red carpet, introduced by name 

  • prom pictures

  • limo rides

  • jewelry

  • fabulous food

  • much more...all at NO COST to our guests...dresses are free and tux rentals are covered!

It is a night you will always remember!

Memphis Joy Prom is an extra special night thanks to our generous financial sponsors and amazing volunteers.  Contact us at if you are interested in financially supporting or sponsoring Memphis Joy Prom.