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Mosaic: Counseling & Wellness Network

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Mosaic Is committed to
providing Referrals

Mosaic provides counseling, referrals and resourcing to individuals, couples and families. It is our desire to meet people where they are and help them navigate a path to healing and wholeness. We remain sensitive to the diverse needs of the church and community.

Appointments and Referrals

Upon the referral of a pastor, Christ Church members may be able to receive financial assistance for counseling. For information about scheduling an appointment or financial assistance, contact the Congregational Care office, 261-2106. 

Dr. Tyler Rogers

Dr. Rogers works with Mosaic Ministry’s referrals. Dr. Rogers, a former pastor, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, nationally certified counselor and adjunct professor of counseling at Harding School of Theology at the University of Mississippi. As a therapist, he serves as a provider of psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, teenagers, families and couples in the Greater Memphis area, particularly those seeking guidance from a Christian perspective. 

Watch this interview with Dr. Rogers and Senior Pastor Dr. Shane Stanford:


Support Groups

We offer numerous support groups. Find a group. Questions? Contact the Congregational Care office, 261-2106.