No Whispers

In church, no one should have to whisper about their struggles. 


Hope in Action Interactive Working Conference
Part of an Ongoing Conversation on Faith and the Addicted Brain

Tuesday, Oct. 23 | 9 AM-1 PM
University of Tennessee Health Science Center | 800 Madison Ave.
Lunch & parking are free. Registration begins at 8:30 AM.

altha stewart.png

Featured Speaker: Altha J. Stewart, M.D.
President, American Psychiatric Association
Associate Professor | Chief of Social & Public Psychiatry
Director, Center for Health in Justice Involved Youth
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

People recover from addictions every day. Families are rebuilt. Lives are restored. But recovery rarely happens in a vacuum. It takes a community willing to stand beside the person, to support them and to help lead them out of the darkness.

Together, we are building a recovery network comprised of compassionate and concerned citizens who are reaching out to those struggling with addictions and mental health issues and connecting them to vital services in the community. Your congregation can join this effort.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about “The Addicted Brain and Cognitive Impairment”

  • Learn about the disease of addiction and understand what recovery is and how both affect the community and how it may be affecting members of your congregation

  • Have the opportunity apply as a Certified Recovery Church OR Faith-Based Organization in the State of Tennessee

  • Meet faith-based recovery support and treatment programs


News coverage of Faith & the Addicted Brain Conference

Two years ago Christ Church Senior Pastor Shane Stanford commissioned Dr. Cynthia Davis, Executive Director of Congregational Care, to launch our No Whispers Initiative. The program has seen amazing growth as Program Director Jesse Johnson and Cynthia bring awareness to other congregations and leaders regarding crisis intervention in our city. Check out the latest Action News 5 story regarding a gathering they hosted with a couple hundred participants. The event was also covered by Channel 3 News when they interviewed Shane. 


Current Services Offered

A Coordinating Team has been formed to lead this ministry moving forward. The Coordinating Team of the No Whispers Initiative is developing a list of support services. 


If you or a family member is struggling with mental, emotional, physical or any other of life's challenges, join us for encouragement, resources and support so you know you’re not alone. Questions? Contact Dr. Cynthia Davis, (901) 261-4386.


  • Men's Bible Study: Tuesdays | 6:30 a.m.

  • Counseling Hours: Tuesdays | 8-10 a.m. (by appointment)

  • Women's Bible Study for Moms of Special Needs Children: Wednesdays | Noon

  • Counseling Hours: Wednesdays | 1-4 p.m. (by appointment)


Summary & Description

To provide a safe, informative, responsive and supportive culture for individuals and families/friends of individuals dealing with emotional, relational, spiritual and physical health issues. The ministry works with any and all spiritual communities willing to stand up for voiceless individuals currently struggling with mental illness.

Our Plan Model

  • Care about the issue with direct/affirmative response

  • Help with practical issues for support

  • Use volunteers to respond to the needs of those dealing with issues as listed above

  • Remove stigma by providing public support and advocacy

  • Collaborate with others in the community to provide services and broaden the scope of support

  • Offer Hope--provide a voice of hope and optimism that moves the community to respond

What can you do? We believe every believer:

  • Has a moral imperative to care about this issue particularly as it affects so many of our brothers and sisters

  • Has a spiritual gift and passion area that allows for him or her to support the work of No Whispers in some substantive way

  • Must act now as a means of stabilizing the effects of mental illness, family breakdown and the scourge of rejection and addiction in our community

  • Must select ONE area of our plan to begin--just ONE--so that God can open the way for further support and significance in our response together