Reach 2019

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Heal: Seeking Healing in All That We Are and Do as the Body of Christ


Commit: Growing Together Through Community


Advance: Connecting Through Giving


Equip: Just Showing Up Is Enough


Rejoice: A Lifestyle of Worship


What is the REACH 100 challenge?

Each person is challenged to:

  • Worship 40+ Sundays at the Christ Church campus

  • Devote at least 30 minutes per day to Bible study & prayer

  • Serve at least 20 hours per month in some serving experience

  • Tithe 10 percent of income on a regular basis

When you add all these principles together (40 Sundays, 30 minutes, 20 hours, 10 percent tithe), you get 100. That is what we mean by living completely, 100 percent for God in the world. We can only REACH the world for Jesus Christ as we are prepared to give ourselves back to God for His work around us.

Pointing our lives back to God for worship & study

Providing the tools & opportunities to make, mature & mobilize disciples for Jesus Christ

Gathering the resources, skills & servant leaders to move God’s plan from words to action

Raising the bar for community & mutual accountability to live & work as the body of Christ together

Seeking healing in all that we are & do as the body of Christ