Mackay Lee | Student Ministries Director | (901) 261-2172
Casi Stansbury | Associate Director, High School | (901) 261-4338
June Clare Pilcher | Associate Director, Middle School | (901) 261-2137

Mackay Lee | student ministries Director

Mackay and his wife Jocelyn moved to Memphis in the summer of 2015 to answer a call that God had put on their lives. Mackay joined the Student Ministry team in June 2015, and Jocelyn joined Cornerstone Prep’s staff as the school counselor. Prior to moving to Memphis, the couple lived in Savannah, GA, where Mackay served at a Methodist church as a director for a student ministries program for six years. He graduated from Duke Divinity in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Christian Practices. Both Mackay and Jocelyn love Memphis and are constantly amazed and blessed to be part of what God is doing within the lives of Christ Church students and parents, within the Christ Church congregation and within the city at large. 

Casi Stansbury | Associate Director, High School

We are excited to add Casi Stansbury to our team as the Associate High School Director. Casi graduated from Visible Music College with a Worship Leadership degree in 2015. She has worked at Christ Church since the summer of 2015 and has been in Student Ministry since September 2016. 

Since then, she has enjoyed hundreds of cups of coffee with our high school students. She is excited to expand her influence as a full-time staff member. Casi is married to Jeremy, has two cats (Huck & Granger) and plans to retire in either Narnia or The Shire.

June Clare Pilcher | Associate Director, Middle School 

June Clare web circle.jpg

Born and raised in Jackson, MS, June Clare moved to Memphis to come on staff at Christ Church in the fall of 2017 and is transitioning into a full-time role in Student Ministry.

June Clare graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Educational Psychology and a Counseling and Clinical Applications emphasis. She is currently working toward her Master of Arts in Leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary. During her senior year, she also served as an intern and worship leader at the Wesley Foundation.

Having felt called toward a life of vocational ministry at a young age, June Clare is passionate about creating spaces for young people to grow in spirit and truth during their most formative years. Her heart lies in uniting people of all backgrounds and walks of life under the one thing everyone has in common— that we are created by God, loved by God and serve a unique purpose in a broken world.

Aside from school and work, June Clare spends her time singing loudly, asking people if she can pet their dogs, collecting coffee mugs, playing outside and bragging about the incredible deal she got on her last purchase.