Alex Schwartz | High School Director | 261-2170 (starting May 30, 2017)
Mackay Lee | Middle School Director | 261-2172
Sara Stanton | Associate Director, Middle School | 261-2174
Ty Garvey | Worship Coordinator | 261-2137
Cari Baird | Ministry Assistant | 261-2171
Casi Stansberry | Girls' Ministry Intern
Andrew Morgenson | Boys' Ministry Intern
Ronnie Wright | Boys' Ministry Intern


Mike Fitzpatrick | High School Director

Fitz has been a member of the Student Ministries team since June 2013. Prior to that he was a youth pastor in Cape Girardeau, MO, for 10 years, though he hails originally from the great state of Ohio (which makes him a die-hard fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers)…but he loves the Grizzlies, too. He is a 2003 graduate of Asbury Seminary where he attended in answer to God’s call on his life to point teenagers to Jesus. Fitz’s claim to fame is subduing a charging rhino by playing rock-paper-scissors. He is married to Marcy, and they have three of the most beautiful children ever: Colin, Hanna and Bontu.

Mackay Lee | Middle School Director

Mackay and his wife Jocelyn moved to Memphis in the summer of 2015 to answer a call that God had put on their lives. Mackay joined the CUMC Student Ministries team in June 2015, and Jocelyn joined Cornerstone Prep’s staff as the school counselor. Prior to moving to Memphis, the couple lived in Savannah, GA, where Mackay served at a Methodist church as a director for a student ministries program for six years. He graduated from Duke Divinity in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Christian Practices. Both Mackay and Jocelyn love Memphis and are constantly amazed and blessed to be part of what God is doing within the lives of CUMC students and parents, within the CUMC congregation and within the city at large. 

Sara Stanton | Associate Director, Middle School

Sara joined the Student Ministries team in February 2015 by way of Somerset, KY, where she served as a Director of Youth Ministries for two and a half years. She is a proud Tennessee native (Go Vols!) and grew up in and around Nashville, her favorite city. Sara attended Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY, where she met her husband Micah. They graduated in 2011 and welcomed a daughter, Nora, in 2014 and a son, Wyatt, in 2016. Sara’s hope is to help girls and young women understand how wide, long, high and deep Christ’s love is. Sara loves Jesus, hates raisins and is thankful every day for living in Memphis because the food here is so darn good. 

Ty Garvey | Worship Coordinator

Ty came on staff in February 2009 only to be called back to finish school in August 2010. Now he is a graduate of Mississippi College with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies and back on staff with us. He has a passion for worship music and hanging out with students. His favorite hobbies are playing golf, biking, snake wrangling, shark tasting and listening to music.

Cari Baird | Ministry Assistant

Cari joined the Student Ministries team in December 2015. While Cari is new to the CUMC staff, she is not new to CUMC. Cari and her husband George have been CUMC members since 1998 and have two sons, Evans and Wilson. Cari and George have been involved in Student Ministry since Evans transitioned to Student Ministry. It started with Cari serving pizza on Wednesday nights, attending trips with Evans and helping wherever else needed. Cari's responsibilities include administrative duties for the Student Ministry staff and serving as the first point of contact for parents if they have a question or need helping registering for an event.