January 2019 Update

From February 23-26, there is a Special General Conference. At that conference, decisions will be made that will bring clarity to a debate that has been going on in the United Methodist Church since 1972. Three plans will be presented (see links below). Christ Church supports the Modified Traditional Plan.

Christ Church prays that the debate will come to an end after the Special General Conference. Specifically, we pray that the global church affirms the current doctrine and discipline that has guided Christ Church since 1955—the same doctrine and discipline that has been affirmed by every clergy person and Bishop at their ordination as well as members who have joined the Methodist Church.

No matter what happens at the Special General Conference, Christ Church is committed to glorifying God as we make, mature and mobilize disciples by loving Jesus and loving like Jesus in the world. We renew our commitment to stand firmly on the following:

  • Scriptural Orthodoxy

  • Personal Holiness

  • The Wesleyan Way of Salvation

  • The Historical Creeds of the Church

  • The Doctrine & Discipline of the United Methodist Church as currently written

Here are some trusted resources we believe are important for the congregation to read and study as we move closer to February. We recognize there are a variety of opinions on any theological subject. We value discussion. These are resources our leaders have found of value written by scholars and leaders within the UMC who are gracious, informative and orthodox.

Important Links

Here is a summary of the three major plans that will be proposed at the Special General Conference:


Here are three thoughtful summaries of each plan, written by a clergy person and leader for the Wesleyan Covenant Association:


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