Ways to Give

Cash & Checks: Cash and checks are the most common way donations are received by the church. Christ Church sends out giving statements to ensure we are properly recording any gifts that have been given. Cash must be given in a properly marked giving envelope to be included on the giving statement.

Online Giving: You can give online using your checking account, debit or credit card by clicking the Give Online link in the site navigation on the left.

Year-end Gifts: Some individuals like to make special year-end gifts to support our ministry. Please remember that all year-end gifts must be received in the church office before the end of business on December 31, or must be postmarked by December 31 to be deducted in the present tax year.

Giving Envelopes: For those interested, the church provides giving envelopes. Any gifts received by the church in these giving envelopes will be tracked on the giving statement. You can find giving envelopes at all Welcome Centers and in the pews in the Sanctuary and Wilson Chapel.

Stock & Mutual Funds: It is possible to transfer stock and mutual funds directly to the church. Contact Jan Ferguson at the church, (901) 261-4323, or Debra Lansky at First Tennessee Bank,
(901) 818-6267. Be sure to e-mail Jan so she may correctly document your stock transfer. Note that the shares are for Christ Church Memphis and include your name and contact information. The DTC number is 0226.

Planned Giving: Planned and/or deferred giving allows a donor to make a gift commitment to Christ Church but to delay delivery of the final benefit of the gift until a later time. Donors who make planned gifts to the church may receive tax and/or other income benefits. To learn more, contact Jay Phebus, (901) 261-2141.

Donor Advised Funds: A donor advised fund (DAF) is a giving vehicle administered by a charitable organization and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of a family, individual or company. A DAF offers the opportunity to create an easy-to-establish, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages by conducting their giving through the fund.

Christ Church uses the Hope Christian Community Foundation as its sponsoring organization for donor advised funds.

A donor advised fund offers a number of advantages and benefits for the donor:

  • Convenience: The organization administering the DAF writes all of the checks and keeps all records eliminating the need to collect multiple receipts at tax time.

  • Flexibility: Gifts can be made to any church, school or valid nonprofit and can be made anonymously.

  • Tax-free investing: The fund may be invested in a variety of investment alternatives and grow tax free until gifts are made.

  • Efficiency: A DAF is like having your own private foundation without the cost or legal hassles and offers better tax advantages.

  • Tax planning: Get a tax deduction this year and give it away later. Donate appreciated stock and avoid capital gains taxes.

  • Estate & gift planning: A donor advised fund is the ideal tool for charitable giving planning, offering the ultimate in flexibility in wills, trusts, etc.

For more information, contact Jay Phebus, (901) 261-2141, or click the link above to the Hope Foundation Donor Advised Fund webpage.