YUGO Day 1

daily prayer guide

Day 1: Saturday, June 8
The team will travel to San Diego and meet at Point Lomo to spend the night before driving across the border into Mexico.

Pray for the Lord to keep the group safe and bless us with travel mercies.

Team Members

Clayton Brown Gracie Luther Stephanie Powell
Carter Geshke Joey Luther Allen A. Scoggin
Luke Geshke Joe Luther Janet Sheahan
Shellye Geshke Toni Luther Wesley Smith
Joy House David Moody Sarai Grace Stanford
Fran Knotts Betty Moore Pokey Stanford
Jamey Lee Larry Pittman Emma Leigh Stanford
John Mark Lee Mary Elizabeth Pittman Carrie Temme
Julianne Lee Will Pittman Mia Temme

Pray for a smooth path with all the logistics that happen today—planes, vans, meals, etc. Let our words and actions be a witness to all we come in contact with today. “He will cover you with His feathers…” (Psalm 91:4)

Pray for God to already be at work with the Mendoza Sanchez family and the Sandoval Medina family. These are the two families the team will help build a new home.

  • The Mendoza Sanchez family: Bertha (mother, 36), Teresa (daughter, 12) & Jose (son, 10)

  • The Sandoval Medina family: Carlos (father, 27), Margarita (mother, 27) & Brayan (son, 6)