Partnering with parents to be the spiritual guide for their children

Nursery | birth-2 years

Our Nursery provides care to children from birth through age 2. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to showing Christ’s love to each child in our area. It is our honor to have the opportunity to serve your family. We thank you for entrusting your most precious gifts to us! 

We are open during Sunday morning worship from 8 a.m. until Noon and are located on the 1st floor below Seabrook Hall. | Learn more


preschool | 3-5 years, not yet in kindergarten

Preschool age children learn best through PLAY and HANDS-ON encounters. Volunteer leaders guide children through a Bible story each Sunday through games, crafts, dramatic play, snack, songs and more. 

early elementary | K-2nd grade

Early elementary children have a lot of questions! They are curious, enjoy stories and are very insistent about rules, except perhaps when it comes to them. This age group will participate in GAMES, CRAFTS and STORYTELLING on Sunday mornings. They meet in small groups by grade for an opening activity and then travel in groups to large group where they hear the story, review a monthly Bible verse and learn worship songs. When they return to their small group rooms, children review the story and enjoy an activity that helps them put the Bible truth into practice. 

later elementary | 3rd-5th grade

The later elementary school years can be hard socially. Kids are faced with more peer pressure and not only have to decide what is the wise choice but also need to know that God's Word is the TRUTH they need. They realize in Xpedition for 3rd-5th grade, if they haven't already, that they can DECIDE to FOLLOW Christ.

When kids move onto middle school and high school, they leave with the truth: the Bible is God's Word and His story. A passion for God gives us a passion for life and others. Xpedition kids end the school year together on a retreat where they learn the value of Christian friendship and working together—following Christ.

Special Needs

Our Special Needs Ministry offers a weekly Sunday school class and activities throughout the year for special needs children and their families. In addition to providing programming, we also assist other churches in starting Special Needs Ministries and providing resources for families in their congregation. | Learn more.