Family Based Student Ministry

Our mission in Student Ministry is to glorify God as we make, mature and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ by loving Jesus and loving like Jesus in the world. That’s the mission of Christ Church, and since we are a part of Christ Church, that’s our mission, too. 

We recognize that, on average, we have about 40 hours per year with each student, while parents have around 3,000. That’s a big disparity! That tells us that our best course of action to make, mature and mobilize disciples is to walk alongside parents and help them in any way we can as they disciple their kids.

This could look like putting together a quality program, providing parents with resources to help them as they parent, having open lines of communication with them, or giving a kid someone they feel comfortable talking with (which is oftentimes NOT a parent). We view ourselves as being on the same team, working toward the same goals with our parents.