Local partnerships assist members to love like Jesus in Memphis. We seek the welfare of the city by working together to empower local schools, ministries, non-profits, and health care organizations for holistic growth through the gospel.

Binghampton Development Corporation

The BDC is a Christian community development corporation founded to improve the quality of life in the historic Memphis neighborhood of Binghampton through property development, housing counseling, community building, urban farming and early childhood and parent education. Serve with the BDC at one of our partner schools or the Carpenter Art Garden!  | Learn more | Get Involved |


Under the umbrella of the Binghampton Development Corporation, the Carpenter Art Garden partners with neighborhood children and adults, as well as local artists, to transform blighted lots into places of beauty. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

Christ Community Health Services

CCHS provides affordable medical, dental, and pharmaceutical care for uninsured men and women in Memphis at their seven locations. The ministry desires to provide high quality healthcare to the underserved and uninsured in the context of a distinctively Christian service. | Learn more | 

church health

Church Health seeks to reclaim the Church's biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits by improving health and well-being so that people can experience the full richness of life.   | Learn More | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

Cornerstone Prep Elementary and Lester Prep Middle

Cornerstone Prep- Lester Campus and Lester Prep Middle School utilize academic rigor to equip all students with the skills and character necessary to success in college and become life-changing leaders in their community. Cornerstone and Lester educate approximately 700 students in Binghampton grades Pre-K through 8th grade. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

East High SChool


Serving students since September of 1948, East High School, together with parents and the community, provides a positive learning environment in a comprehensive setting that encourages and prepares students to be responsible and contributing members of society. | Learn More | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

eikon Ministries

Eikon is a disciple-making youth ministry in the Binghampton Neighborhood. Eikon's mission is to build urban leaders who will change the community from the inside out. Eikon staff and volunteers accomplish this by being a visible Jesus in the community. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

Jacob's Well

This unique United Methodist congregation is marked by remarkable racial, economic and cultural diversity as it grows in the Gospel while overcoming the personal and social obstacles of racism, addiction and poverty. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |


Formerly two different organizations, the Juvenile Intervention and Faith Based Follow Up (JIFF) and Mediation and Restitution/Reconciliation Services (MARRS) have recently merged together. JIFF exists to break the destructive cycle of juvenile crime through Christ-centered intervention. They desire to see youth flourish, free from a life of crime by collaborating with other ministries and the juvenile court system to provide mentoring and other services to youth in memphis. | Learn more | Ways to Serve | Get Involved |

Life Choices of Memphis

Empowering birth parents to choose and cherish life, this state-licensed Christian adoption agency offers complete adoption services in addition to free and confidential services like confirmations of pregnancy and pregnancy counseling. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |


Memphis Family Connection Center provides connection based trauma informed care to the Shelby County, TN adoptive, foster care and special needs community. Holistic attachment centered counseling, connection based play, occupational therapy, calming techniques, nutrition plans, sensory care, resources, and educational support are all provided through the TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) model. Learn More

Memphis Gridiron Ministries

MGM exists to utilize the unique environment of youth football to share and model the gospel of Christ to grade school boys and to help build selfless character in the neighborhood of Binghampton. The ministry has teams from 3-5 grade that plays its home games at The Hamp. Learn More | Ways to Serve | Get Involved


As a response to the gospel mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves, MTR will partner to provide students in Memphis neighborhoods with the same, or better, quality of education as is available to any student in Memphis by recruiting, training and supporting effective teachers within a Christian context. Members of Christ Church partner with MTR teachers in the Binghampton neighborhood by purchasing supplies through MTR Give. Learn More | MTR Give

Neighborhood Christian Center

The Benevolence Ministry at Christ Church partners with the Neighborhood Christian Center to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those outside the congregation with economic and spiritual needs. Their mission is to guide those in need toward stability and sustainability through compassionate, Christ centered ministries and empowerment programs. | Learn more |

Project transformation

Project Transformation Memphis engages and mobilizes young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry that supports underserved children and families and connects churches to communities in need. Each Summer, Volunteers have the ability to work with children in a one-on-one reading capacity. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

Refugee Empowerment Program

Refugee Empowerment Program exists to empower the refugee community by encouraging, educating, and equipping individual refugees, refugee families, and the refugee community. Through REP’s programming for youth and adults, refugees in Memphis have greater opportunities to become self-sufficient and independent in their new lives. | Learn More | Ways to Serve | Get Involved |

room in the inn - memphis

Room in the Inn-Memphis recruits local communities of faith to open their doors to unsheltered neighbors during the coldest months of the year—November through March. Christ Church hosts a group once a month through a partnership with Colonial Presbyterian.  | Learn More | Ways to ServeGet Involved |


The first organization founded by Christ Church for the purpose of improving the quality of life in Binghampton, Service Over Self continues to expand its original mission in partnering with economically disadvantaged homeowners in Binghampton and Orange Mound to make their homes warmer, safer and drier through student camps. Christ Church spends a week serving SOS every summer while our Student Ministry participates in camp. | Learn more | Ways to ServeGet Involved |


In community with the local Church, World Relief envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually. The ministry does this by empowering refugees and other international families to show the example of Jesus in Memphis | Learn More | Ways to ServeGet Involved |

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